Why KuCoin Is A Top Contender

KuCoin was launched in 2017, about when the market was starting to expand and interest investors. Now in their third year of operation, they seem to have the stability and promise investors are looking for.

Their user base is over 6 million, powered by local communities worldwide. More than 670 million transactions have taken place too, making it a top ranking exchange.

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The Importance of Longevity When Investing With Financial Institutions

Longevity is often overlooked by people when choosing a financial institution to help invest their money. Longevity is all about how long these institutions have been around, often used as a way of knowing that something is trustworthy.

Banks and stock markets are examples of financial institutions that have been around for a while. The benefits of trading and investing your money there are often too good to overlook.

Now, new technologies are leading to more ways to invest money outside of traditional banking. While they are still in their early stages, they do have their advantages.

Old Markets vs New Markets

Old markets (like banks and stock exchanges) have been around for centuries. The fact that they are still around is a good sign that they’re safe. However, new ways to invest are now available.

The more traditional stock market benefits from its reputation. All those years of operating mean that they are doing something right. However, it’s difficult for people with little money or experience to invest there.

But, these new digital markets are much more accessible platforms for trading and investments. Almost anyone can figure out how they work and even start with just a little bit of money.

Currently, we don’t know how long it’ll last or if it’ll suddenly lose all value, though they’ve been around for nearly a decade now, so they do appear to be sustainable.

The best approach is to put money in both markets. This offers a balance of risk (losing money) and opportunity (earn more), signs of a good investment strategy.

Exchanges that have been around since the beginning are helping to mature the new market, and KuCoin is among them.


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